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Animal Feed Supplements: A Necessity

Posted by Admin on May, 07, 2015

Every cattle owners wishes to have healthy and thriving cattle. Especially, if you are a cattle owner, you would agree with us completely. However, in a developing country like India, recurring problems related to shortage and fluctuation in year –round availability of feed supplies are common. Therefore, providing superior grade feed to livestock is difficult. Due to this shortage, owners have to rely on feeding low quality agro by products and roughages.

Now the question arises what to do in a situation like this? The answer is Animal Feed Supplements. If you truly care about your cattle and wish to keep productivity of livestock these supplements are your best bet. To give you more insight some benefits of Animal Feed Supplements are listed as follows:

  • The basic feeds provided to cattle are deficient in various nutrients such as protein, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, it becomes imperative to add Animal Feed Supplements in the diet of cattle’s for proper growth and increasing life expectancy.
  • During seasonal changes, the quality of feed and health of livestock is influenced. Hence, to keep cattle from falling prey to adverse effects such as lactation ceasing, low energy and illness among others, it is necessary Animal Feed Supplements are added to their daily diet.
  • To eliminate problems such as indigestion, constipation and other stomach related infections, a Fibre rich diet is very important. Thus, Animal Feed Supplements are great for cattle as they are easy to digest.
  • For young cattle, Animal Feed Supplements are crucial to be included in diet as these supplement helps in formation of strong bones.

A balanced diet is essential for proper growth and health maintenance of the livestock. So, if you are double thinking your decision to buy Animal Feed Supplement, Don’t! Get in touch with a vendor now. For example if you live in Punjab, search online for Animal Feed Supplements Manufacturers in Punjab to buy some for your livestock.

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