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Cattle Feed Manufacturers Play A Crucial Role In The Cattle Rearing Industry

Posted by Admin on December, 15, 2014

Campaigns with regards to treating animals and livestock ethically have ensured focus on better health and disease-free growth for these animals. This has made cattle feed manufacturers become an integral part of the cattle rearing industry. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that they are the mainstay of this business.

Furthermore, with rapid advancement within the field of veterinary sciences, the opportunities for these people have multiplied manifold. More and more people are cashing in on this advancement with an assortment of feed supplements, pharmaceutical medicines for humans as well as preventive medicines for cattle.

Role of cattle feed manufacturers

Cattle products like dairy, meat and poultry have become an indispensable part of our diet. Furthermore, with laws in place for maintaining food quality standards of these products, it has become important for people involved in the cattle industry to ensure these qualities and standards are met. This can only be made possible by ensuring.
  • Hygienic conditions for cattle rearing
  • Disease free and healthy cattle and
  • Ensuring all round growth of these animals.
Cattle feed manufacturers facilitate all of these by making products like antibacterial sprays, assorted cattle feed supplements, etc. Thus the primary role of these manufacturers is to convert the vision of veterinary researchers into action and ensure that it reaches every individual associated with the cattle industry in the form of liquids, sprays, tablets, powders, etc.

Need for cattle feed supplements

A balanced diet is not an exclusive requirement of humans. Cattle and other animals also need them, and for them too, food does not always give the required quantity of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. This results in lesser immunity which, in turn, leaves them susceptible to various kinds of infections and diseases. Regular use of these food supplements helps these animals to increase their immunity thereby making them relatively disease free.

Improper intake of food can also hamper their growth thereby reducing their economic viability. Thus cattle growers need to pay special attention to ensuring a balanced diet if they want to increase the profitability of these animals. Hence supplements like
  • Detoxification agents,
  • Mineral vitamin premixes,
  • Rumen buffers,
  • Anti acidosis and
  • Nutrient enhancers
have proved to be manna from heaven for these cattle growers. In fact, as a recognition to the diverse needs of different animals, cattle feeds have also become animal specific thereby increasing their usefulness in ensuring a flourishing cattle industry.

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