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Feed Additives For Animal Health And Nutrition

Posted by Admin on March, 19, 2015

Feed Additives are nutritive supplements added to the routine diet of livestock and poultry in order to ensure improved metabolism and digestion process for deriving good-quality animal products. These additives can be categorised according to their utility. Growth Regulators; that ensure feed efficiency and increased growth. Antibiotics; that prevent and treat diseases amongst animals. Anthelmintics; that are utilised for the purpose of de-worming. Depending on the animal’s need, you should decide the kind of supplement to be given. Here is a guide about the benefits of different vitamins and minerals for animals. Based on their presence in a Feed Additive you can determine which one to buy:


  • Vitamin A is important for the animal’s bone health, steady growth of epithelial cells and improved night vision.
  • Vitamin B 12 is useful for overcoming cobalt deficiency and for young ones with under-developed rumens.
  • Vitamin D is present in the sun-cured hay and is stored in the liver of the animal. Hunched back and anorexia can be some of the signs of its deficiency.
  • Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that provides protection to their cell-membrane. Weakening of the muscles and sluggishness can be the indicators of its insufficiency.


  • Calcium is important for bone formation, functioning of the nerves, blood clotting and contraction of muscles. Bone weakness and lethargy are important symptoms of calcium shortage.
  • Phosphorus is relevant for energy production, appetite and better metabolism. Decreased appetite, poor fertility and listlessness can be alarming signs of its deficit.
  • Selenium constantly destroys peroxide in order to prevent damaging of tissues. Diminished growth rate and white muscle disease are some of the deficiency consequences.

The manner in which the animal body responds to the dosage of these nutritive supplements depends on the body structure and the age of the animal. Feed Additive preparations are done considering the available resources and the environment, making it all the more challenging for Feed Additive Manufacturers in India. The additives not only need to be ecologically sound but also justify certain health parameters set by the regulatory bodies in India.

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