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Feed Your Cattles The Right Way

Posted by Admin on June, 08, 2015

Have you ever wondered why human dietary habits vary from place to place? Why it is that wheat is the staple food of north Indians and rice for people of south? This is because as the geographic and climatic conditions change, the body’s requirements also change. The same is true for your cattle and calves as well. What food would be best for them depends on several factors like the season, type of cattle, its age and many more. Thus, some questions need to be asked before you select the Cattle Feed.

What is the type of Cattle Feed?
Cattle Feed may be utilized as the complete diet or be given as supplements. Which one you choose would depend on the grazing and food options available to the animals. Also, Cattle Feed Manufacturers in Ludhiana offer the supplements in various forms. It can be milled and formed into pellets, milled and formed into solid blocks or presented as fresh grains.

What season is it?
This is a very crucial aspect that needs your attention, particularly if you are raising pasture cattle. During the spring time, pasture cattle require Feed Supplements rich in magnesium (Mg) mineral to prevent grass tetany (also called grass staggers) from occurring. Symptoms of this disease are nervousness, high temperature, muscle twitching, fast respiration, and excessive salivation. The symptoms progress at a fast pace, the cattle is most likely to die within a few hours.

Which nutrients and minerals are most needed by cattle?
Depending on the age, type and dietary habits of cattle, they have different nutritional requirements. However, the commonly needed ones are protein, fat, and fiber. Along with the fodder, do add some Cattle Feed Supplements to ensure sufficient amount of minerals are being consumed.

A question that remains is whom to ask all this? You can consult veterinary physicians around. While buying the supplements, do seek information from the Cattle Feed Suppliers in Punjab India about the contents of the pack.

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