Nicosia International(an Iso 9001:2008) Certified Latest Products Tue, 07 Jul 2020 07:42:12 +0530 en-us Cattle feed manufacturers for Raising Your Cattles Healthily Wed, 24 Sep 2014 10:17:17 +0530 The farmers depending on the different food ingredients, which are industrially manufactured, as it can successfully fulfil the total dietary requirements of the animals, encouraging a better health and growth factors. If you are about start a business, as a cattle feed manufacturer, here is some basic knowledge you must gather, to live up to the expectations of your customers:<br /><br /><strong>Why do people enter the profession of cattle rearing?</strong><br />The majority of the farmers, tend to keep animals for dairy purposes, or for beef. It is very important to feed the cattle with different diets, when the purposes of rearing are different. Thus, while opting for the best cattle feed manufacturers in your locality, it is advisable to ensure the main reason for cattle rearing, to obtain maximum benefits.<br /><br /><strong>Age of the animals:</strong><br />Another important factor to be considered while choosing the food of the cattle is their age. Just like human beings, cattle too, require different dietary ingredients, at various stages of life. This will ensure complete nutrition of the animals, for serving your purpose rightly.<br /><br /><strong>Different Types of Food:</strong><br />There are various types of food supplied by the <a href="">cattle feed manufacturers</a>. The popular ones are enlisted below:<br /> <ul> <li><strong>Forages:</strong> The forages for the cattle must be prepared from the proper plant species having accurate moisture content. Hay or alfalfa can also be offered as a popular form of food.</li> </ul> <ul> <li><strong>Supplements:</strong> Dietary supplements are usually fed to cattle, when the forages are available in low nutrients. The supplements that are rich in proteins are very common among the cattle.</li> </ul> <ul> <li>The importance of concentrates having a high percentage of carbohydrates is needless to say. Oats, corn, barley or oilseed meals are also offered to cattle for the animals.</li> </ul> <br />Consulting the health professionals for obtaining a diet chart for the cattle can also help you in choosing the right food item.<br /><br /><strong>Issues that deserve Special Mention:</strong><br />If you have pregnant cattle at your home, or the one, who just gave birth, they will require special food. Thus, it must be specifically mentioned to the manufacturers, that they are offered the much desired attention. <br /><br />It is ideally recommended, that one must conduct a sufficient amount of research to ensure that the animals are reared properly, to get the best results. Unless the cattle are fed accurately, and the health requirements are met, it is impossible to sustain a business. Top Veterinary Manufacturing Company - A Big Contribution to Improved Animal Health Wed, 15 Oct 2014 18:45:40 +0530 Animals form an important part of our ecosystem and their health is as important to be taken care of as is the humans’. There is a large variety of fauna around us and each of them has different physical structure and anatomy. This brings a bundle of opportunities for the researchers and scientists in the Veterinary sector. Previously also, there have been many experiments and researches conducted to study the animal behaviour, physiology, diseases, diagnosis, treatment, food and nutrition etc. The results from these researches has helped scientists and doctors to develop ways of recognizing if there is something wrong with the animals and further developing Veterinary medicines for it.<br /><br />The campaigns for ethical treatment towards animals have created sensitisation amongst people to a certain extent. They are more careful about their pets and street animals. The growing demand for animal care has made many companies enter this sector as Veterinary Manufacturers who make all kinds of products, ranging from daily care to medicines and vaccinations. Also, there are plenty of vets coming up that were not present earlier. Veterinary trainers, day care centres, medicine manufacturers, technicians and doctors are now available to us at short distances. <br /><br />The Veterinary Manufacturers make sure that the huge spectrum of products is made with utmost care and matches the international standards. Some of the Veterinary Manufacturers also have research centres to come up with advanced methods of disease prevention and treatment. Their products such as powder medicines, liquid medicines, tablets, bolus, injections, heat kit capsules, antimicrobial spray and food supplements have shown impeccable results. The <a href="">Veterinary Manufacturing Companies</a> have made significant contributions in improving animal health. This field is now being given the recognition of a sector that has many educational, business and service opportunities to offer. Antimicrobial sprays for preventing diseases and improving immune system of your cattle Thu, 27 Nov 2014 16:28:57 +0530 There are a lot of problems that humanity faces on a day to day basis.  One of the biggest among these is diseases.  It may not be wrong to state that bacteria are one of humans’ best friend and worst enemy, depending upon the situation that is being spoken about.  One of mankind’s biggest friends is the vaccine. This is helpful in making sure that the body is already prepared with the immune system that is required to fight any sort of disease or intrusion. People have been purchasing the antimicrobial spray because of the variety of advantages that it offers.<br /><br />Functions of an <strong><a href="">antimicrobial spray</a>:</strong><br />The very name of it suggests the functions that it serves. It is helpful in keeping microbes away.  The biggest application of such sprays is in the rural sector where the cattle are prone to infections of all sorts.  It may not be wrong to assume that such sprays are usually used more as a preventive measure than a treatment.<br /><br />In fact, the growing demand for such products has had the industry associated with it, invest a great deal of time and money on research so that even more advanced forms of the medication can be availed.<br /><br />The understanding with regard to any form of bacteria or microbe is that it is constantly evolving.  It is for this very simple reason that the medication that is going to be used in tackling it should also be evolving at an even greater rate. Scientific and medical intervention is the only way these sorts of medication can evolve according to the evolving needs.<br /><br />The biggest drawback of these sprays is also the main advantage.  It is meant for external use only.  Any form of internal use may actually cause more harm than good.  It is for this reason that a proper distinction has to be made when a person decides to buy the necessary spray.<br /><br />Why do you need a spray at all?<br /><br />In most cases, it is advisable for the owner of the cattle to have a sort of evaluation done by the veterinarian so that there is no complication of any sort.  It must be understood that cattle too is life, and anything with regard to their disease or safety should not be taken lightly.<br /><br />The uses of antimicrobial spray are as follows:<br /><ol> <li>Prevent rashes;</li> <li>Get rid of infections;</li> <li>Stop the spread of contagious diseases;</li> <li>Help the cattle feel better;</li> <li> Increase their life expectancy</li> </ol> Cattle Feed Manufacturers Play A Crucial Role In The Cattle Rearing Industry Mon, 15 Dec 2014 12:02:33 +0530 Campaigns with regards to treating animals and livestock ethically have ensured focus on better health and disease-free growth for these animals. This has made cattle feed manufacturers become an integral part of the cattle rearing industry. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that they are the mainstay of this business.<br /><br />Furthermore, with rapid advancement within the field of veterinary sciences, the opportunities for these people have multiplied manifold. More and more people are cashing in on this advancement with an assortment of feed supplements, pharmaceutical medicines for humans as well as preventive medicines for cattle.<br /><br /><strong>Role of cattle feed manufacturers</strong><br /><br />Cattle products like dairy, meat and poultry have become an indispensable part of our diet. Furthermore, with laws in place for maintaining food quality standards of these products, it has become important for people involved in the cattle industry to ensure these qualities and standards are met. This can only be made possible by ensuring.<br /> <ul> <li>Hygienic conditions for cattle rearing</li> <li>Disease free and healthy cattle and</li> <li>Ensuring all round growth of these animals.</li> </ul> <a href=""><strong>Cattle feed manufacturers</strong></a> facilitate all of these by making products like antibacterial sprays, assorted cattle feed supplements, etc. Thus the primary role of these manufacturers is to convert the vision of veterinary researchers into action and ensure that it reaches every individual associated with the cattle industry in the form of liquids, sprays, tablets, powders, etc.<br /><br /><strong>Need for cattle feed supplements</strong><br /><br />A balanced diet is not an exclusive requirement of humans. Cattle and other animals also need them, and for them too, food does not always give the required quantity of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. This results in lesser immunity which, in turn, leaves them susceptible to various kinds of infections and diseases. Regular use of these food supplements helps these animals to increase their immunity thereby making them relatively disease free.<br /><br />Improper intake of food can also hamper their growth thereby reducing their economic viability. Thus cattle growers need to pay special attention to ensuring a balanced diet if they want to increase the profitability of these animals. Hence supplements like<br /> <ul> <li>Detoxification agents,</li> <li>Mineral vitamin premixes,</li> <li>Rumen buffers,</li> <li>Anti acidosis and </li> <li>Nutrient enhancers </li> </ul> have proved to be manna from heaven for these cattle growers. In fact, as a recognition to the diverse needs of different animals, cattle feeds have also become animal specific thereby increasing their usefulness in ensuring a flourishing cattle industry.<br /> How to choose the best cattle feed? Thu, 22 Jan 2015 13:20:03 +0530 <p>Cattle feeding is normally required for maintaining the healthy condition of the cattle which is regarded as a part of dairy farming. Fresh feeds can be prepared by the most efficient <b><a href="">cattle feed manufacturers</a></b>, and thus you must contact any of them. These feed is required for offering sufficient amount of nutrients to the cattle body so that they can be used for farming purposes. Different kinds of ingredients are being included within the list fort preparing these feed, and if you are willing to know them, then you must visit the official sites of the manufacturers.</p> <p><br /> If you are having a business of dairy farm, then you must be definitely in need of high-quality cattle feed, and unless you have a fair idea about the ingredients, you will not be able to choose the right one. You can also take your cattle to the experienced animal doctors in order to know about the nutritional deficiencies so that necessary nutrients can be provided. Some of the potential nutrients that are being included within improved cattle feed are potassium, phosphorus, calcium, fat, fiber, protein, Vitamin E, A and D and many more.</p> <p> </p> <ul> <li>You need to determine the best feed type, and that can be selected on the basis of the health condition of your cattle.</li> <li>You must also determine the feed quality so that your cattle can get the best food. The ingredients need to be tested properly so that the quality can be assured by the researchers who work in the manufacturing companies.</li> <li>The reputation and experience of the manufacturing company are to be considered so that improved feed quality can be gained.</li> <li>You must maintain the proper timing of feeding your cattle otherwise proper health cannot be maintained and there will be no use of using quality foods.</li> <li>Both energy and body weight are to be maintained and balanced in a proper way, and it is also highly dependent on feeding.</li> <li>You can compare the rates of the cattle feed so that you can purchase in bulk quantities by maintaining the affordable cost. </li> </ul> <p>Lactation stages are quite useful in this regard, and thus you must consider the same while making a selection of the best cattle feed. Grain mixture is a great factor in deciding the feed quality and the health of the cattle depends on the same. Not only that, check the fiber content of this mixture.</p> Provide Your Cattle Balanced Ration Wed, 25 Feb 2015 14:55:27 +0530 <p>Cattles or cows are raised in many countries for milk, meat and pulling carts. It has been observed that unbalanced feeding results in low milk production; and poor growth, energy and reproduction. Many farmers even the ones who are literate do not have knowledge of how to prepare balanced rations for their cattle. This write-up seeks to enlighten the readers about the essential nutrients and Cattle Feeds, which cattle needs. Provide Your Cattle Balanced Ration! Please continue reading!<br /><br /><strong>Protein</strong>: Protein aids in tissue formation that is for forming muscles, bones, skin, organs and milk. Protein is important for cattle’s growth and also increases milk production. Protein also makes for the lost cells in cattle. <br /><br /><strong>Minerals</strong>: Minerals aid in forming bones & teeth, transferring nerve impulses, supplying oxygen etc. Macro minerals should added in cattle ration in gram amounts while micro minerals should be included in milligram amounts. <br /><br /><strong>Cattle Feeds:</strong> Feeds are mainly of two types. These can be classified as roughage/forage and concentrates. The classification can be further sub classified.</p> <ul> <li><strong>Roughage/Forage Feeds</strong>: These are of two types, wet and dry. Cattle Feed Manufacturers usually include green chop, silage, and haylage in wet type roughage/forage feeds. The dry types comprise of grass legume hays, alfalfa hay, other legumes, cereal straw, peanut hulls, and mature hays. </li> </ul> <ul> <li><strong>Concentrates</strong>: These can be classified as energy concentrates, protein concentrates and vitamins/minerals concentrates. The energy concentrates include corn, barley, oats, wheat, molasses, tallow, milo (sorghum), and potato waste. The protein concentrates include soybean meal, cottonseed meal, corn gluten feed, and brewer’s grains. The vitamins/minerals concentrates include limestone, dicalcium phosphate, TM salt, vit and pre-mix. </li> </ul> <p><br />There are many <b><a href="">Cattle Feed Suppliers in India</a></b>. Cattle Feeds are procured by farmers who don’t have much time to collect those corns, barleys, oats etc. to feed their cattle with. Farmers can also read the various ingredients included in the Cattle Feeds on packaging before procuring.</p> Feed Additives For Animal Health And Nutrition Thu, 19 Mar 2015 10:56:01 +0530 <p>Feed Additives are nutritive supplements added to the routine diet of livestock and poultry in order to ensure improved metabolism and digestion process for deriving good-quality animal products. These additives can be categorised according to their utility. Growth Regulators; that ensure feed efficiency and increased growth. Antibiotics; that prevent and treat diseases amongst animals. Anthelmintics; that are utilised for the purpose of de-worming. Depending on the animal’s need, you should decide the kind of supplement to be given. Here is a guide about the benefits of different vitamins and minerals for animals. Based on their presence in a Feed Additive you can determine which one to buy:</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Vitamins</strong></p> <ul> <li>Vitamin A is important for the animal’s bone health, steady growth of epithelial cells and improved night vision.</li> <li>Vitamin B 12 is useful for overcoming cobalt deficiency and for young ones with under-developed rumens. </li> <li>Vitamin D is present in the sun-cured hay and is stored in the liver of the animal. Hunched back and anorexia can be some of the signs of its deficiency.</li> <li>Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant that provides protection to their cell-membrane. Weakening of the muscles and sluggishness can be the indicators of its insufficiency.</li> </ul> <p><br /><strong>Minerals</strong></p> <ul> <li>Calcium is important for bone formation, functioning of the nerves, blood clotting and contraction of muscles. Bone weakness and lethargy are important symptoms of calcium shortage.</li> <li>Phosphorus is relevant for energy production, appetite and better metabolism. Decreased appetite, poor fertility and listlessness can be alarming signs of its deficit. </li> <li>Selenium constantly destroys peroxide in order to prevent damaging of tissues. Diminished growth rate and white muscle disease are some of the deficiency consequences.</li> </ul> <p><br />The manner in which the animal body responds to the dosage of these nutritive supplements depends on the body structure and the age of the animal. Feed Additive preparations are done considering the available resources and the environment, making it all the more challenging for <b><a href="">Feed Additive Manufacturers in India</a></b>. The additives not only need to be ecologically sound but also justify certain health parameters set by the regulatory bodies in India.</p> Animal Feed Supplements: A Necessity Thu, 07 May 2015 12:35:27 +0530 <p style="text-align: justify;">Every cattle owners wishes to have healthy and thriving cattle. Especially, if you are a cattle owner, you would agree with us completely. However, in a developing country like India, recurring problems related to shortage and fluctuation in year –round availability of feed supplies are common. Therefore, providing superior grade feed to livestock is difficult. Due to this shortage, owners have to rely on feeding low quality agro by products and roughages.<br /><br />Now the question arises what to do in a situation like this? The answer is Animal Feed Supplements. If you truly care about your cattle and wish to keep productivity of livestock these supplements are your best bet. To give you more insight some benefits of Animal Feed Supplements are listed as follows:<br /><br /></p> <ul> <li>The basic feeds provided to cattle are deficient in various nutrients such as protein, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, it becomes imperative to add Animal Feed Supplements in the diet of cattle’s for proper growth and increasing life expectancy.</li> </ul> <ul> <li>During seasonal changes, the quality of feed and health of livestock is influenced. Hence, to keep cattle from falling prey to adverse effects such as lactation ceasing, low energy and illness among others, it is necessary Animal Feed Supplements are added to their daily diet. </li> </ul> <ul> <li>To eliminate problems such as indigestion, constipation and other stomach related infections, a Fibre rich diet is very important. Thus, Animal Feed Supplements are great for cattle as they are easy to digest.</li> </ul> <ul> <li>For young cattle, Animal Feed Supplements are crucial to be included in diet as these supplement helps in formation of strong bones. </li> </ul> <p style="text-align: justify;"><br />A balanced diet is essential for proper growth and health maintenance of the livestock. So, if you are double thinking your decision to buy <b><a href="">Animal Feed Supplement</a></b>, Don’t! Get in touch with a vendor now. For example if you live in Punjab, search online for Animal Feed Supplements Manufacturers in Punjab to buy some for your livestock.</p> Some Essential Diet Supplements for Livestock Thu, 07 May 2015 12:38:23 +0530 <p style="text-align: justify;">Livestock feeds comprise of concentrates and roughages, which provide the needed nutrients such amino acids (macro-nutrients), minerals, vitamins etc. to the livestock. This blog would discuss about Some Essential Diet Supplements for Livestock!<br /><br /><strong>Protein: </strong>The grain rations of sheep and cattle should comprise of sufficient amount of protein. But during emergency situations many farmers who raise animals in various countries especially developing countries are unable to provide protein rich diet to the livestock. It is advised that the farmers should include protein Animal Feed Supplements in the diet of the livestock to compensate for the low protein diet like ground ear corn, grain straws or grass straws etc. The various protein Animal Feed Supplements are available at very affordable prices.<br /><br /><strong>Vitamin A:</strong> Hay comprises of sufficient amount of Vitamin A, and livestock is fed with it especially during winters. In case hay is not included in the ration of the live stock, it is advised that Vitamin A Animal Feed Supplements should be included in the feed of the livestock. Many online suppliers provide a wide range of dry forms of Vitamin A Animal Feed Supplements and which can be mixed in the feed along with salt.<br /><br /><strong>Minerals:</strong> Not providing enough of hay to the livestock in their feed can lead to mineral deficiency. This is why many farmers purchase Animal Feed Supplements that comprise of goodness of grain rations, dicalcium phosphate and mineralized salt. These mixtures also do not require any additional salt. <br /><br />There are many suppliers of <b><a href="">Animal Feed Supplements in Ludhiana, Punjab</a></b> and farmers can purchase the required Animal Feed Supplements at very reasonable prices. One can order both small and large quantity of Liquid Animal Feed Supplements and like Bio Calcium Liquid, and Mineral Mixture like Cattle Feed Supplement (Pro Bio Tox), Cattle Feed Supplement (Pro TM +), Cattle Feed Supplement (Probiobuff) etc. One can also purchase Large Animal Veterinary Medicines from suppliers.</p> Feed Your Cattles The Right Way Mon, 08 Jun 2015 13:15:52 +0530 <p>Have you ever wondered why human dietary habits vary from place to place? Why it is that wheat is the staple food of north Indians and rice for people of south? This is because as the geographic and climatic conditions change, the body’s requirements also change. The same is true for your cattle and calves as well. What food would be best for them depends on several factors like the season, type of cattle, its age and many more. Thus, some questions need to be asked before you select the Cattle Feed. <br /><br /><strong>What is the type of Cattle Feed?</strong><br />Cattle Feed may be utilized as the complete diet or be given as supplements. Which one you choose would depend on the grazing and food options available to the animals. Also, Cattle Feed Manufacturers in Ludhiana offer the supplements in various forms. It can be milled and formed into pellets, milled and formed into solid blocks or presented as fresh grains. <br /><br /><strong>What season is it?</strong><br />This is a very crucial aspect that needs your attention, particularly if you are raising pasture cattle. During the spring time, pasture cattle require Feed Supplements rich in magnesium (Mg) mineral to prevent grass tetany (also called grass staggers) from occurring. Symptoms of this disease are nervousness, high temperature, muscle twitching, fast respiration, and excessive salivation. The symptoms progress at a fast pace, the cattle is most likely to die within a few hours.<br /><br /><strong>Which nutrients and minerals are most needed by cattle? </strong><br />Depending on the age, type and dietary habits of cattle, they have different nutritional requirements. However, the commonly needed ones are protein, fat, and fiber. Along with the fodder, do add some Cattle Feed Supplements to ensure sufficient amount of minerals are being consumed. <br /><br />A question that remains is whom to ask all this? You can consult veterinary physicians around. While buying the supplements, do seek information from the <b><a href="">Cattle Feed Suppliers in Punjab India</a></b> about the contents of the pack.</p>