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Some Essential Diet Supplements For Livestock

Posted by Admin on May, 07, 2015

Livestock feeds comprise of concentrates and roughages, which provide the needed nutrients such amino acids (macro-nutrients), minerals, vitamins etc. to the livestock. This blog would discuss about Some Essential Diet Supplements for Livestock!

Protein: The grain rations of sheep and cattle should comprise of sufficient amount of protein. But during emergency situations many farmers who raise animals in various countries especially developing countries are unable to provide protein rich diet to the livestock. It is advised that the farmers should include protein Animal Feed Supplements in the diet of the livestock to compensate for the low protein diet like ground ear corn, grain straws or grass straws etc. The various protein Animal Feed Supplements are available at very affordable prices.

Vitamin A: Hay comprises of sufficient amount of Vitamin A, and livestock is fed with it especially during winters. In case hay is not included in the ration of the live stock, it is advised that Vitamin A Animal Feed Supplements should be included in the feed of the livestock. Many online suppliers provide a wide range of dry forms of Vitamin A Animal Feed Supplements and which can be mixed in the feed along with salt.

Minerals: Not providing enough of hay to the livestock in their feed can lead to mineral deficiency. This is why many farmers purchase Animal Feed Supplements that comprise of goodness of grain rations, dicalcium phosphate and mineralized salt. These mixtures also do not require any additional salt.

There are many suppliers of Animal Feed Supplements in Ludhiana, Punjab and farmers can purchase the required Animal Feed Supplements at very reasonable prices. One can order both small and large quantity of Liquid Animal Feed Supplements and like Bio Calcium Liquid, and Mineral Mixture like Cattle Feed Supplement (Pro Bio Tox), Cattle Feed Supplement (Pro TM +), Cattle Feed Supplement (Probiobuff) etc. One can also purchase Large Animal Veterinary Medicines from suppliers.

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