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We bring forth a wide array of Bolus, an effective Veterinary Medicine to our valuable clients. The comprehensive range of Bolus offered by us chiefly comprises of Nutri-Vet Bolus and Ruminal Forte Bolus. The complete array of Bolus offered by us contains high nutritional value, in terms of Proteinated Minerals availability. In order to ensure good health and fitness of pet, avail our Bolus at reasonable price from us.

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Nutri-Vet Bolus

We bring forth a wide array of Nutri-Vet Bolus which contains Proteinated Minerals and high bioavailabilities. The Nutri-Vet Bolus which we offer improves the milk yield throughout the Lactation Period. The Calcium, Phosphorous and Vitamin D3 in our Nutri-Vet Bolus Improves Milk Production and improves Milk Yield in an


Ruminal Forte Bolus

We offer a wide range of Ruminal Forte Bolus which is a Key to Healthy Ruminal Environment. The Ruminal Forte Bolus offered by us is highly efficient in swiftly correcting ruminal ecology to overcome anorexia, ruminal, Atony Abnormal faeces, Diarrhoea, and Acidiosis. Scientifically selected ingredients of Ruminal Forte used in


DD-ROK Bolus

We provide DD-ROK Bolus to the clients located in different parts of the world. The DD-ROK Bolus is prepared from high-quality ingredients to ensure assured results. The DD-ROK Bolus can be availed at reasonable price from us.

About DD-ROK Bolus

  • Furazolidone, Metronidazole &

Heat Kit Bolus
We offer Heat Kit Bolus that ensures one calf every year. The Heat Kit Bolus is developed from active ingredients and is high beneficial for reproductive rhythm. The Heat Kit Bolus can be availed at affordable price from us.

Advantages Of Heat Kit Bolus
  • Stimulates ovarian activity by releasing FSH and

We offer OUTER-F Bolus to the clients located in different parts of the world. The OUTER-F Bolus is prepared from the selected ingredients. Our clinically tested OUTER-F Bolus is safe in pregnancy.

  • Highly effective against small and large intestinal worms, caecal & abomasal nematodes also.

Nutri Mix Bolus
Nicosia International is recognized amongst successful Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Nutri Mix Bolus.

  • To improve the milk yield through out the lactation period
  • Calcium, Phosphorus & Vitamin D3 Improves Milk Production Favorably and Improves Milk Yield.
  • Asparagus

Nylate-S Bolus
Nicosia International is known to be a dependable Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Nylate-S Bolus.

  • Product Name = Nylate-S Bolus
  • Category = Veterinary Medicines