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Mineral Mixture

Nicosia International is a Mineral Mixture Manufacturers based in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. Mineral Mixture Powder is a powder that comprises micro (trace) minerals such as zinc, copper, cobalt, iodine, and manganese, which are necessary for the efficient functioning of animal body systems. Our colourless Mineral Mixture Powder is 100 percent pure, so you may order less. It also includes proportional composite mixes of several minerals in a free-flow powder form, with a proper ratio of mineral supplements.

The many minerals in the Mineral Mixture play a critical role in the regulation of numerous vital metabolic activities in the animal's body. The Mineral Mixture serves a variety of functions in the animal body, including structural components of the body skeleton, constituents of bodily fluids and tissues, and catalysts in the enzyme and hormone systems.

It's a multi-vitamin Mineral Mixture for animals. It works effectively, aids weight gain, and boosts milk supply. Improves feed conversion ratio and avoids rickets, boosts immunity and encourages development, and kick-starts weight gain and productivity.

It boosts milk production and alleviates milk fever. This substance prevents haemoglobin urea and treats anaemia and prolapse. This ensures that minerals and vitamins are as bioavailable as possible. At proficiency for excellence in animal healthcare system in the sectors of poultry and dairy, we are now developing and providing unique speciality goods to reputable national and worldwide markets.


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Nicosia International(an Iso 9001:2008) Certified

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