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Nicosia International(an Iso 9001:2008) Certified

Nutraceutical & Biological Products

Nutraceutical & Biological Products


  • Liquid Oral Calcium : (all Types with Herbal Extract & Chelated Minerals)
  • Mineral Mixture :(all Type Chelated or Non Chelated,Also Provide Organic Minerals Compound with Micro Crystline Calcium Compositions)
  • Bioactive Vitaliser for Vital Organs : (for Extra Milk & Extra Fat Milk Fat Increased Up-to 1% to 2% Without Disturbing the Fat Reserves of the Body)
  • Rumen Specific Yeast & Propionibacterium Freudenreichii : (for Improve Fibre Digestion & Rumen Efficiency)
  • Pure Mos : (toxin Binder for Animal Feed)
  • Electrolytes with Activated Charcoal (uniq Combination of Probiotics Electrolytes & Charcoal)
  • Stress Relaxent Supplement : (unique Combination of Herbs, Probiotics Dextrose with Vitamin C)
  • Mastitis : Kit (product to Cure Mastitis & Fibrosis)
  • For Impaction : (unique Combination of Herbs,Enzymes & Probiotics for Acute & Chronic Impaction)
  • Calcia Dry : (A Unique Source of Organic Calcium Micro Crystline Calcium Complex Which is the Better Source of Superior Calcium Absorption in Ruminants
  • Bypass Fat & Bypass Protein :(for Extra Fat & Milk Production)
  • Feed Mix : (a Fermented Microbial Culture of Enzymes Fatty Acids and Vitamins for the Farmers Who Formulate Their Own Feed)
  • Bolus Section : (all Type of Bolus for Anoestrus, Anorexia, Glactogogues, Probiotics Combinations)
  • Multi Vitamins : (all Multivitamin Compositions in Powder, Liquid or Bolus Tablet Form)
  • Uterine Cleanser & Tonic : ( a New Poly Herbal Water Extracts with Vitamin A, E, .)
  • Niacin Premix : (blend of Niacin, Yeast, and Organic Chromium for Maximizes Peak Lactation)
  • Fat Mix : ( Bypass Fat, Protein Fortified with Vitamins, Minerals,Yeast, and Amino Acids, Niacin,Methionine for Improve Milk Yield)
  • TCC Supplement : (a Combination of Yeast Extract, Tri-choline Citrate, Nicotinamide,Liver Extract for Detoxification of Drugs and other Poisonous Substances and also Control Fatty Liver)
  • Organic Trace Mineral Mixture : (Organic Source of Trace Minerals Complex for High Bio-availability for High Yielders)
  • Galact : (a Powerfull Combination of Glactogogue Herbs for Hypogalactia,Failure of Lactation)

We also Offers a Wide Range of Biological Products I.e. Protein Hydrolysate,Whey Protein,Peptones,Complete Range of Amino-acids,Yeast Active or Non Active, Rumen Specific Yeast,Chelated Minerals,Dcp,Tcp,Mcp,Yeast Extract Paste & Powder Micro Crystline Calcium Derived from Organic Source,Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Cncm I 1077,Liver Extract,Bypass Fat, Bypass Protein,Seaweed Powder & Extract,Active Feed Dry Yeast for Ruminants,Mos,Fermented Microbial Culture, Propionibacterium Freudenreichii.lactobacillus Acidophilus,Rumen Stable Fibre Digesting Enzyme Complex,Vitamins,Saccharomyces Boulardii,Calcite Powder Feed Grade. Beside These Products We also Provide Many More Compositions Provided By the Parties Themselves.

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Nicosia International(an Iso 9001:2008) Certified

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