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Nicosia International(an Iso 9001:2008) Certified


We manufacture, export, import, and supply a wide range of highly effective Veterinary Products In India, Nicosia International is one of the best veterinary products manufacturing company in india offering compassionate veterinary care for animals. We are providing high quality Veterinary Products at affordable prices. The range of products offered by us comprises of Veterinary Medicines, Animal Feed Supplements, Mineral Mixture, Liquid Calcium Supplements and Pharmaceutical Human Medicines.

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Veterinary Medicines

We manufacture, export, import, and supply a wide range of highly effective Veterinary Medicines in India. These Veterinary Medicines which we offer provide health benefits and higher immunity to animals. We are also manufacturers of Cattle Feed. The wide range of Veterinary Medicines which we make

  • Veterinary Injections
    Nicosia International, the leading Veterinary Injection manufacturers, supports clients in every way possible, drawing on years of knowledge and devotion to animal welfare. We help veterinarians and livestock producers all around the world by offering high-quality vaccines, which are equally

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    Veterinary Injections

  • Bolus
    We bring forth a wide array of Bolus, an effective Veterinary Medicine to our valuable clients. The comprehensive range of Bolus offered by us chiefly comprises of Nutri-Vet Bolus and Ruminal Forte Bolus. The complete array of Bolus offered by us contains high nutritional value, in terms of

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  • Powder Medicines
    We bring forth a wide spectrum of Powder Medicines which is highly effective against side effects caused by an antibiotic treatment. The wide range of Powder Medicines offered by us comprises of Bio Pack Powder, Mastikit Powder, Calcia Dry Powder, and Mastimix-H Powder. One can avail our

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    Powder Medicines

  • Liquid Medicines
    Our company offers a wide range of Liquid Medicines to its esteemed clients. The comprehensive array of Liquid Medicines offered by us comprises of Livon Liquid, Rok Liquid and U-Clear Forte Liquid. The Liquid Medicines provided by us improves breeding efficiency etc.

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    Liquid Medicines

  • Udder Grow Medicines
    We are a well-known Udder Grow Medicines Importer, Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Ludhiana, Punjab. We provide different types for Udder Grow Medicines that are chiefly inclusive of UDDER GRO Bolus and UDDER GRO-H. These Udder Grow Medicines are prepared from quality ingredients and thus

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    Udder Grow Medicines

  • Antimicrobial Spray

    Packaging Type : Bottle

    Form : Liquid

    Features : Alcohol free, Aldhehyde free, Free of hazardous chemicals, water based

    pH : 7

    Usage : Clinic,Hospital,Laboratory

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    Antimicrobial Spray

Animal Feed Supplements

We make available a wide spectrum of Animal Feed Supplements to our widespread clientele. The Animal Feed Supplements offered by us comprises of Liquid Animal Feed Supplements and Mineral Mixture. This Animal Feed Supplements which we make available is made under medical supervision of our highly professional experts. These Animal Feed Supplements helps in prevention of calcium, phosphorous, and mineral deficiency disease in animals. The Animal Feed Supplements which we provide helps in formation of strong bones in animals.

  • Liquid Animal Feed Supplements
    We bring forth Liquid Animal Feed Supplements, made with accuracy in chemical composition. The comprehensive range of Liquid Animal Feed Supplements offered by us comprises of Bio Calcium Liquid, Bio Calrich Liquid, Calcia Forte Liquid, Chelated Calcia Liquid, Nycal Gold Liquid, NYCAL-TS Liquid and

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    Liquid Animal Feed Supplements

  • Mineral Mixture
    The company is primarily engaged in the manufacturing, exporting, and supplying the highest grade Mineral Mixture all across the globe. Our Mineral Mixture is available in a wide variety, which is highly appreciated by the worldwide clients. The variety of Mineral Mixture includes Chelated Nutrimix

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    Mineral Mixture

  • Cattle Feed Supplements
    Our company is a prominent Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer and Supplier of Cattle Feed Supplements. Our range of Cattle Feed Supplements is inclusive of Cattle Feed Supplement (Pro Bio Tox), Cattle Feed Supplement (Pro TM +), Cattle Feed Supplement (Probiobuff), Cattle Feed Supplement (Pro-Lite),

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    Cattle Feed Supplements

Poultry Feed Supplements

Nicosia International guarantees the nutritional balance of the poultry through a range of feed supplements, which include Powders and Liquids, as a pioneer of high-performance Poultry Medicines Manufacturers in Ludhiana, Punjab. Its dependable product formulations are produced by an experienced team of poultry specialists on the most contemporary infrastructure, making it a top reputation among poultry feed supplement makers.

Nicosia International products are the best among Poultry Supplement Manufacturers in India, and each premium product is designed to improve the health and growth factor of poultry, ensuring a healthy increase in its clients' bottom line. Nicosia International, a trusted brand in poultry vitamins and minerals suppliers in India and one of the finest poultry antibiotics medication suppliers in Ludhiana, provides a comprehensive range of Poultry Feed Supplements and more.


  • Multivita-Forte Feed Supplement

    Manganese sulphate : 400mg

    Iron sulphate : 400mg

    Lysine : 500mg

    Zinc sulphate : 150mg

    Methionine : 1500mg

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    Multivita-Forte Feed Supplement

  • Nicotoxin Feed Supplement
      Nicotoxin is powder form new formula toxin cleaner liver and kidney protector detoxicant and immune booster , digestive system health promoter which is composed of yeast cell wall , probiotic , harb extact widely adsorb all kinds of mycotoxin in the animal feed such as aflatoxins(AFT),

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    Nicotoxin Feed Supplement

  • Nicovita-SE 100 Oral Feed Supplement

    Vitamin E : 100 mg

    Sodium selenite : 1.5 mg

    Solvents ad : 1 ml

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    Nicovita-SE 100 Oral Feed Supplement

  • Nioxyvet Feed Supplement

    Neomycin Sulphate IP : 550.6 mg

    Oxytetracycline HCL IP : 550.7 mg

    Vitamin A1 : 1000 IU

    Vitamin B12 : 44 mcg

    Vitamin B12 : 0.0359 gm

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    Nioxyvet Feed Supplement

  • Nutri ADE-Forte Feed Supplement

    Vitamin A : 20 000 IU

    Vitamin E : 20 mg.

    Vitamin D3 : 5 000 IU.

    Solvents ad : 1 ml.

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    Nutri ADE-Forte Feed Supplement

  • Nutri Egg Premix Feed Supplement

    Vitamin E : 25 mg

    Bacillus subtilis≥ : 5×109 CFU

    Astragalus extract : 50 mg

    Carrier upto : 1 g

    Packing : 1kg×15 bags/ctn or 1kg×10bags/bucket

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    Nutri Egg Premix Feed Supplement

  • Nutri–Gold Egg Oral Feed Supplement

    Vitamin E : 2.5%

    Astragalus extract : 5%

    Soy isoflavone Solvents : 0.5%

    Validity : 2 years

    Packing : 250ml*40 Bottles/ctn & 500ml*20 Bottles/ctn

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    Nutri–Gold Egg Oral Feed Supplement

  • Nutri-Immune Feed Supplement

    Vitamin C : 100 mg

    Astragalus Extract : 100 mg

    Carrier : Yeast cell wall, starch upto 1 g

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    Nutri-Immune Feed Supplement

  • Nutri-Vita Oral Feed Supplement
    NUTRI-VITA ORAL is a well balanced combination of essential vitamins for Calves, Cattle, Goats, Poultry, Sheep and Swine. Prevention or treatment of vitamin deficiencies in farm animals. Prevention or treatment of stress (caused by vaccination, diseases, transport, high humidity, high temperatures

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    Nutri-Vita Oral Feed Supplement

  • Nutri-Vita- ADE Feed Supplement
    INDICATIONS: Prevention or treatment of vitamin A, vitamin D3 and vitamin E deficiencies Prevention or treatment of stress (caused by vaccination, diseases, transport, high humidity, high temperatures or extreme temperature changes). Improvement of feed conversion. Stimulate antibody production

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    Nutri-Vita- ADE Feed Supplement

  • NutriCare Feed Supplement

    Storage : Keep in dry storage of 5-25t , prevent from light.

    Packing : 250g x40Bags/CTN, 1Kg X 15Bags/CTN

    Validity : 2 years

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    NutriCare Feed Supplement

  • Nutriliv-S Feed Supplement

    Sorbitol : 200 mg

    Carnitine : 250 mg

    Methionine : 20 mg

    Lysin : 30mg

    Betain : 10mg

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    Nutriliv-S Feed Supplement

  • Nutripro-Acid Feed Supplement

    Citric Acid : 120g

    Formic Acid : 40 g

    Butyric acid : 40g

    Lactic Acid : 30g

    Propionic Acid : 22g

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    Nutripro-Acid Feed Supplement

  • Nutrivita-C Feed Supplement
    INDICATION : Vitamin-C is an antioxidant which is needed for the proper operation of several physiological functions. Borneol is pure nature herbal extract substance use for release summer heat stress, And release pains bring by heat.   Nutrivita-C WS is used for : Prevention or treatment of

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    Nutrivita-C Feed Supplement

  • Nutrizyme-PRO Feed Supplement
    INDICATION : Nutrizyme-PRO is a multi-Enzyme with Probiotic mixed new formula product, which has the the following functions: Nutrizyme-PRO makes up the shortage of animal secreted digestive enzyme,increase ruminants digestive&assimilate capacity. Keep digestive system microecology balance,

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    Nutrizyme-PRO Feed Supplement

Other Products

  • Veterinary Calcium

    Application : Industrial, Laboratory

    Packaging Type : Plastic Bag

    Packaging Size : 10-20 Kg

    Purity         : 99%

    Packaging Details : 50 Kgs HDPE bag with inner liner

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    Veterinary Calcium

  • Dog Products

    Certification : ISO 9001:2008 Certified

    Application : Dogs Cares

    Weight : 0-100 Gms, 100-200 Gms, 200-400 Gms

    Color : Black, Blue, Brown, Creamy, Green, Pink, White

    Feature : Cleaning Systematic, Heat Resistance, Leakage Proof, Rust Proof, Tartar Prevention

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    Dog Products

  • Dog Shampoo

    Application : Dog Use

    Feature : Controls Hair Fall, Dandruff Free, Keeps Hair Silky, Long Hair, Nice Fragrance, No Added Chemical, Pure

    Form : Liquid

    Packaging Type : Bottle, Packet

    Country of Origin : India

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    Dog Shampoo

  • Veterinary Herbal Spray

    Shelf Life : 1Yrs

    Feature : Good Fragrance

    Pack Type : It is Packed in White Plastic Bottle with Pump Seal & a Cap

    Storage : Cool & Dry Place

    Buckle Pressure : 1.3mpa

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    Veterinary Herbal Spray

  • Veterinary PCD Pharma Franchise

    Country of Origin : India

    Promotional Material : Visiting Cards, Diaries, Writing Pads

    Service Duration : 2-5 Days

    Service Mode : Offline, Online

    Type of Industry : Veterinary

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    Veterinary PCD Pharma Franchise